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【輸入盤】Something In The Air (Live Paris 99) [1CD]

SOLD OUT 当店限定 予約商品 数量限定

【輸入盤】Something In The Air (Live Paris 99) [1CD]

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「David Bowie・ブリリアントライブアドベンチャー」商品の再販情報について

The 15-track live album, features 12 previously unissued recordings (outside of streaming) and three tracks used as B-sides for singles from the ‘hours…’ album. The day of the show was a momentous one for Bowie, as that afternoon he was awarded the Commandeurs of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, the highest artistic honour that France can bestow.

The Elysee Montmartre performance was one of only seven full shows performed during the promotion of the ‘hours…’ album. For this special limited run of gigs Bowie dug deep into his back catalogue making these shows particularly memorable. Standout tracks include ‘Can’t Help Thinking About Me’ first released in 1966 and not performed live in over 30 years, 'Word On A Wing' from Station To Station was reinstated into the set after an absence of 23 years, 'Drive-In Saturday' had not been performed since 1974, and  ‘hours…’ track 'Something In The Air' made it’s live debut at this performance.

The album was recorded live at the Elysée Monmartre, mixed by Mark Plati, and features Page Hamilton - guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey - bass, vocals, Mark Plati – guitar, Sterling Campbell – drums, Mike Garson – piano, keyboards, synthesisers and Emm Gryner and Holly Palmer –backing vocals.


1. Life On Mars?
2. Thursday's Child
3. Something In The Air
4. Word On A Wing
5. Can't Help Thinking About Me
6. China Girl
7. Always Crashing In The Same Car
8. Survive
9. Drive-In Saturday
10. Changes
11. Seven
12. Repetition
13. I Can't Read
14. The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell
15. Rebel Rebel


発売日 2021/03/12